Episode #250

It’s time to make history, Pervert Nation! It’s show 250! A number that only the best can possibly get to, and we did it! In this fine episode, Dick and The Stepfather sample the whiskeys from the band Slipknot, and talk about Dangle’s grooming, cover a few end of the year statistics and then do their best to predict some 2020 AVN Award winners (but all of the nominees are winner to us!). Some categories will excite you and some will make you cringe and laugh, just like every episode of this show! Please enjoy the show, thanks for being a part of this journey with us and Dangle On!

Episode #249

New Year, same greatness! It’s what Pervert Nation expects and deserves! For this entertaining show, Dangle and Harley Marie discuss Dick’s latest awkward run-in and strange thoughts that occur that involve the older population. The team talk about a sex toy survey, then try to pick XBIZ Award winners from the list of nominees and categories. Good luck to all of the nominees! Have a great time listening to the show and shine on, you sexy diamond!

Allie Awesome: Episode #248

Dick Dangle is opening an emergency care center if you ever get sick! He takes your vitals and runs important tests. Plus, his hospital gowns open in the front! On this episode, Dick is having an epic conversation with the lovely Allie Awesome! She talks about her performing journeys, her comedy, her clips, her tweets and so much more. I hope you’re ready to fall in love with a talented performer on the rise! Enjoy the show and remember, the gown and extra long thermometer are yours to keep!

Amberly Rothfield: Episode #247

Happy New Years, Pervert Nation! It’s all about starting off the year right and bringing the best content possible to make you the best possible you! For this eye-opening episode, Dick talks to marketing genius and a master-of-all, Amberly Rothfield! Amberly discusses her history, marketing tips and missteps, trends in social media and fans, and knowing your path and worth. It’s a fantastic discussion with an award-winning industry veteran that knows her stuff and articulates it well! Enjoy a fascinating, educational and fun show!

Jessy Dubai: Episode #246

It’s time for the winter holiday celebrations to commence! And what better way to celebrate than to listen to your favorite podcast while you finish trimming your…tree! For this festive episode, Dangle and Harley Marie work through an uncomfortable couple moment for Dick, and both discuss a difficult All-Decade list and an article about finding love. Then, Dick has a phenomenal interview with the amazing award-winning performer, Jessy Dubai! She talks about award nominations and wins, exploring her sexuality, giving advice, having a great scene and the help of fans. She is captivating and motivating, and now you get her for yourself! Enjoy this super fun show and Dangle On!

Episode #245: I’m a gloryhole purest!

Dangle’s house is getting rather festive, and all the presents are wrapped and under the tree. Problem is, all the ladies know what they’re getting, as their presents vibrate across the floor! For this episode, Dangle and Harley Marie have fun with Harley’s big announcement, and discuss stories involving porn searches, a sneaky porn moment, historical sex facts and one doctor’s look at “porn addiction”. This show is a gift on it’s own! We hope you enjoy listening, and remember, if you shake the present to hear what’s inside, the latex fist may knock you out!

Episode #244: The Cleavage Boat!

You want him for your very own, more than he will ever know, listening is the trick, all you want for Christmas is Dick! For this episode, Dangle is joined by The Stepfather and they discuss getting to Las Vegas, Concert Dangle, trimming issues and introducing the show to new people. And articles include a lingerie and a giving lady in trouble. It’s a cool conversation with a lot of laughs! So tune in and enjoy the madness, and remember, there isn’t a holiday song we won’t ruin with a Dick joke. Dangle On!

Krystal Orchid: Episode #243

The weather outside may be frightful, but Dick is so delightful! In this installment, Dangle talks about upcoming show content, lousy sex content and a cool holiday idea, then covers a themed brothel with Harley Marie. And to the delight of Pervert Nation, Dick brings an interview with the beautiful Krystal Orchid! She talks about fans and being a fan, some recent scenes and content she created, her hobbies, being on DVD covers and gives tips on cleaning glasses! She’s amazing and you must love her! And since there’s no place to go, Dangle On, Dangle On, Dangle On!

Reya Sunshine: Episode #242

This has been an amazing year for Dick Dangle, and it just keeps getting better! He had the opportunity to bring have an in-studio guest and he made it happen! In this episode, Dick has the incredible, award-winning feature dancer and all-around talent, Reya Sunshine! She discusses conventions and clubs, interacting with fans, social media, acting and her social media posts. It’s a great conversation with a fantastic person! I KNOW you will enjoy it as much as Dangle did recording it! Enjoy and Dangle On!

Episode #241

It’s time to saddle up, little Buckeroos! Cowboy Dangle is here to lasso you and take you to the Pervert Nation Corral, where the ranch hands always use silk ropes! In this amazing show, Dick talks about his celebrity stalker and The Stepfather answers some questions. There’s also a short interview from Exxxotica NJ with the charismatic Mr. Mark Blaze of Blazed studios! Then, the boys discuss articles about a fun couple and aging gracefully. It’s a rowdy show that will never steer you wrong! Worst. Joke. Ever. Happy trails and Dangle On!

Exxxotica NJ, Part 2: Episode #240

Because we know that you couldn’t get enough, welcome to the second show of the Exxxotica weekend wrap-up! It’s complete with a review of The Inked Awards (brought to you by Inked Angels, of course!) and its’ winners, along with Dick’s effort to be entertaining on stage. Then, Dangle and Harley Marie talk about the interview guests on this episode that include Aria Khaide, Siren Saint Sin, Marilyn West and Sierra Slayter! What a line up! There’s a lot of love in this show and we’re glad to have you be a part of it. This show will leave you completely satisfied but wanting more! Just the way we like it!

Exxxotica NJ, Part 1: Episode #239

What’s better than one show talking about a convention weekend? Two shows, of course! For this episode, the team of Dick Dangle and Harley Marie act like news anchors and documentary film makers to bring you part one of all the happenings that revolve around the Inked Angels booth and Exxxotica NJ weekend! They tell fun stories of show prep, meeting new people and feeling the love! And then there are a series of short interviews with Chrissy LeBlanc, Kiera Stone, Mallery Maneater and… Co-host Harley Marie! Get ready to fall in love with some amazing women! Enjoy the madness that is a convention weekend and feel like a VIP insider!