Now give me some salve! – Episode #216

The latest movie from Dick Dangle Studios is animated masterpiece, but it’s not for kids. Please enjoy “The secret life of Pervs 2”! For this fine podcast episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss some of Dick’s latest in-game advertisements and some relationship talk. Then there’s the latest clothing trend, a sex survey and history’s sex scandals. Another show filled with rollercoaster ride of emotion you enjoy! And don’t worry about the movie parody being to different from the original. It’ll have plenty of doggie style!

Wieners and holes, wieners and holes – Episode #215

Welcome to the show that is the best escape for your perverted mind! Put on your headphones, press play and get ready to tingle! For this piece of magic, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss some awkward social media followers and being a responsible messages (who does that?), vintage smut finds, hotel magic, poor toy choices and sex dreams. It’s everything you love and expect from this podcast! Thanks for enjoying the show and give those earbuds a workout!

Erika Icon: Episode #214

The baseball season is in full swing (get it?) and Dick Dangle wants a minor league team! Can you imagine what giveaways the Pittsburgh Danglers would have? For this show, Dangle and Harley Marie discuss Dick’s adult collection and it leads to a heart-breaking article as well as a story about a new porn experience. This episode is highlighted by an interview with The Rub P.R. Agency owner, Erika Icon. She talks about her agency, the job and her clients, the ups and downs of the adult industry, working with different personalities and watching client’s “work”. It’s a fantastic discussion with a great insider view of the porn world! Enjoy the show and when you get the ballpark, check out the size of the Dangle Dogs!

Kendra James: Episode #213

Here he comes, Danglin’ down the street, gets the dirtiest looks from, other pervs he meets! Hey, hey it’s Dick Dangle, and people say he Dangles around! I’ll stop. It’s new episode time and there’s a lot of Dangle to spread around! Dick brings Harley Marie and her lovely ways to the show and they discuss some of Dangle’s latest run-ins. Then, they discuss a new condom survey. Finally, Dick interviews the beautiful performer, Kendra James! She discusses her life, her career, her travels and her artwork. It’s a very interesting conversation with an amazing performer! So have fun with the show and remember, Dangle’s comin’ to your town!

Bella Rose: Episode #212

Dick is always working hard to bring you quality entertainment, and this show is no different! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about the latest male sex toy, a magazine list for men’s arousal and the latest worldly craze.

Rod Jackson: Episode #211

Hung Alone 2, Dangle in New York! The spring holiday is here and it's time to celebrate! Paint your balls like Easter Eggs and put them in a basket! For this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather catch up on some of the fun excursions that Dick has been a part of, like...

Sofi Ryan: Episode #210

I've always been a hoe! Damn! Spring is on the way, Pervert Nation! Flowers are sprouting, birds are singing, and your hibernating mojo starts to make things tingle! Who are you to argue with nature? Tingle away! For this magnificent episode, Dick and Harley Marie...

Lady Bella Kush: Episode #209

Wack or wack not, there is no try! Welcome to Planet Pervgobah! In this episode, Dick Dangle and Harley Marie talk about her performer history and her recent success. Harley also does a Bad Dragon toy review and the crew has fun with an article about accidental orgasms. Then, you get an interview with the passionate entrepreneur of, Miss Lady Bella Kush! She discusses her career, her mission with CGDH, learning the adult business and advise to new talent. It’s a great lesson for all performers, new and experienced! Enjoy the show and feel free to use the force, but make sure you use lube when you do!

Angel Beau: Episode #208

Neither sound equipment issues, nor late nights will keep Dangle from his appointed perversion! Dick brings you another stellar episode featuring a first half with The Stepfather! They discuss women’s favorite words during sex and a new sexual position for you to try! The second half of the show features an interview with amazing, award-winning feature dancer Angel Beau from Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She discusses the extreme elements of her show, her video cameos, her love of tattoos and her connection with the band Gemini Syndrome! She is an absolute delight and a must-see on stage! Another strong show! It’s becoming a habit!

Alex Saint: Episode #207

Are the cameras ready? Because it’s time for action! For this big-screen worthy show, Dangle talks to The Stepfather about the disconnect between Hollywood and the adult industry, and what can be learned from a talent crossover. And then Dick brings you a fun interview with adult performer, sexy import and movie superhero, Alex Saint! He discusses his career, his Manyvids success, his twitter posts and fitness coaching. It’s a great conversation with an amazing man! Enjoy the show that does have a sequel, but it can stand on it’s own greatness!

Brooklyn Chase: Episode #206

Dick Dangle sure knows how to spoil his listeners! To prove his love for all things adult, he has another in-studio guest, and it’s none other than the captivating Brooklyn Chase! In an unforgettable episode, she discusses her recent time off, feature dancing, the fun of parties, mind-blowing questions and also gives some helpful love information. Dick and Brooklyn also have a laugh over a story that hits too close to home! How’s that for an episode?! Sometimes it’s good to be the Dangle!

Kenna James : Episode #205

There are times in life where greatness is bestowed upon you, and for Dick Dangle, greatness showed up in-studio!!! The beautiful Kenna James took some time away from feature dancing at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh to have a laugh or two in Dangle’s studio! This highly nominated superstar talks about fan interactions, interesting movies and the psychology of conventions. Then, Kenna enjoys an article about what silly people are putting in their bodies. One word: Ouch! It’s an amazing episode filled with great conversation for the world to enjoy!