Episode #231

My eyes are pregnant! It's football season again and the show is getting you ready! The only problem is that "roughing" and "holding" are good things and there is no such thing as "illegal motion'! In this amazing episode, Dick and The Stepfather talk a little podcast...

Bunny Colby: Episode #230

It’s back to school time and nobody does it better than Dick Dangle University, where more than just the curriculum is hard! For this episode, Harley Marie has a Blush Novelties “Explore the Realm” toy review, and the team covers a number of topics and stories, one being too much of a good thing. The second half of the show features an interview with the stunning Bunny Colby! She discusses her quality hip movement, her superpower, and answers some questions on some of her tweets. She’s funny and entertaining, and crazy hot! Have a great day and get ready for homeroom, where the lessons are firm but fair!

Episode #228

Dick Dangle was thinking of putting some episodes onto limited edition records, put the penis and balls die-cut vinyl make the turntable really off balance! For this latest edition, the Pervert Nation enjoys Dick and Harley Marie as she talks about another unique video of hers and Dangle’s trimless nature. Articles include a thirsty woman, gloves with love, a new dating app and tips for firmer men. Get ready to learn! Have a great time listening to this episode and just wait until you see Dick’s next musical venture, 8 and a half tracks!

Penny Barber: Episode #227

Someone once called Dangle “a perfect blend of Hustler and Hallmark”, which reminds Dick of a poem. “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, sit on my face”. He’ll wait patiently for his Pulitzer. In this fine episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss Dangle’s personal picture collection, prehistoric love gone wrong, protecting your jewels and sex-ed hilarity. Then, Dangle interviews the fetish clip creator and dominance queen, Penny Barber! She talks about shooting fetish content and creating in general, telling people about her fetish, gummy bear destruction, editing madness. It’s a fascinating discussion with a passionate creator! Enjoy the show and let me know if you need Dangle to write a lovely Nantucket haiku!

Mila DeLuna: Episode #226

Dick is starting a construction company to help you with your renovation needs. He’s all about delivering the wood and nailing everything in sight! For this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss being naked at home, and work over an article that needs a rebuttal (we’re just trying to help!). Then, Dick has an interview with the spectacular feature dancer Mila DeLuna! She talks about starting her career, meeting fans, her love of Halloween and answers some questions based on her social media posts. She’s amazing! Have a great time listen to the show, Dangle On and realize the more than just your door is hung!

Episode #255: 5 Year Anniversary

Dick Dangle gives unique gifts for anniversaries. Who wants paper and cotton, when you can have silicon and latex? But 5 years is wood, so we’ll keep giving that gift! Welcome to the 5 year anniversary of the show! It features Dick, Harley Marie and The Stepfather for a throwback, epic round table. They discuss Dangle’s club adventures, and stories involving public troubles, personal souvenirs and never being too old. And Harley has an entertaining toy review. This show has it all! Thank you one and all for 5 glorious years and Dangle On!

Genevieve Lafleur: Episode #224

Dick Dangle is going to start selling worn clothing online. Not only can you buy his underwear, but you can use them as a car cover (self slam!)! In this amazing episode, Dick talks about a friend’s introduction to his podcast, a Harley video discussion and a Blush Novelty toy review. The team covers stories about Cam greatness, some Google results and music during sex. Then, there’s a fun interview with new adult starlet, the sexy Genevieve LaFleur! She discusses entering the industry, being recognized, some recent scenes and events, and her favorite place for coffee! It’s an amazing conversation! Have a fun time listening and buy a Dangle t-shirt because it doubles as a parachute!

Episode #223

If you need help with your landscaping, hire Dick’s Lawn Care! No one will do a better job trimming your bush than Dick! Welcome to another awe-inspiring show! First off, Dangle gives you some fun stories and answers a podcast question. Next, the magnificent Harley Marie gives you a super toy review for your future purchases! Lastly, the team tackles some interesting stories and closes with a field trip gone wrong. So get to it, Pervert Nation, and remember: a little pruning never hurt anybody!

Sonia Harcourt: Episode #222

It’s time for some fun in the sun with the Danglin’ After Dark Crew! From sexy tan lines and helping you with some lotion, to making sure that your wieners are exactly how you like them. Hot! And then there’s your summertime listening pleasure! For this blazing hot show, Dick and The Stepfather discuss enlargement gone wrong, clean lovin’ and overrated sex acts. Then, Dangle brings you an interview with the supremely sexy Sonia Harcourt! She discusses her passions for performing, both inside and outside of adult, her love of giving and the perks of her lifestyle. You’ll soon find out how amazing she is! So have a safe holiday and make sure nothing goes off in your hands!

Episode #221

Dick Dangle is an unrestricted free agent and is looking for a team to be a part of. His demands are simple: money and love for himself and Pervert Nation! In this episode, Dick discusses some interesting personal stories with The Stepfather (How does he get himself into these predicaments?). Then, the boys discusses some YNOT Cam Awards news, New York leading the pack, a nightmare sex toy story and a great article about some museum madness! Have a great time listening to the latest episode and hope that Dangle comes to your team!