Episode #183 – The Captain Flaccid Podcast!

Baby, it’s cold outside. But it’s warm in here! And by “in here”, I mean this show! And my pants! During this fantastic episode, Dick Dangle tells stories about an impromptu sex party (thanks to Dangle!), then Dick, Harley Marie and The Stepfather make some AVN Award predictions, talk about a few new AVN Hall of Fame Inductees, some on-screen fakery, and dismantle a BJ article. It’s a gift to the ears and the imagination! Have a magnificent day and Dangle on!

Episode #182 – …and you fill in my holes that he doesn’t!

If lovin’ this show is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! Because this is podcast gold! With this episode, Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie discuss dating someone in the industry, an AVN Award show update, when sex goes wrong and making it right, knowing your anatomy and masturbating men. You will learn a lot about the Dangle team during this show as well as yourself! Also, another “Celebrity Readings of Erotic Material”. Feel the power, passion and hilarity that keeps you coming…back for more!

Episode #181 – I know what you’re spanking about! Stop it!

Time for your 5-course dinner of perverted deliciousness! Put on your bib with a napkin for your lap and dig in! Under the big silver cover is Dick Dangle, and he is joined by the A-team of Harley Marie and The Stepfather and they discuss some more online love, internet searches and the teams’ dislikes, Stroking on the clock (ew.), what fruit does for your face, the length of sex. Enjoy the show and hopefully you leave with a fully belly and a satiated mind!

Prinzzess, Bad Dragon Toys, Harley Marie: Episode #180

“Danglin’ After Dark” carries you into 2018 with a moisture-making show that features 2 interviews and a guest host! Dick, The Stepfather share the beautiful Harley Marie with the listeners once again, and discuss the new year, new research, unwanted sex (is that a thing?), your new favorite coffee place and the lamest sexual bucket list ever (but it’s a start). Then, the interviews start with a fun update with Derek Young and the staff at Bad Dragon Toy Company. They talk about their latest conventions stories and a cool sponsorship! This is followed up by an interview with the stunning Prinzzess from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She talks about recovering from Hurricane Irma, vacationing and some of her latest scenes! I hope everyone is ready for an epic 2018, because it’s onward and upward for this Dangle Train!

Alexis Fawx and Natasha Nova, plus Harley Marie: Episode #179

If you were looking for the best way to end your year, congratulations, because you have found it! This show is nothing short of epic!! Not only do Dick Dangle and The Stepfather bring you amazing articles, but they do it with a special co-host. Inked Award winner and cam model extraordinaire Harley Marie joins the team (and kills it!) and helps them in dissecting the greatness that is cam model stats, Canadian porn searches, and sexual arousal facts (kind of)! If that wasn’t enough, there are 2 epic interviews! First, we have the gorgeous multi-time, award-nominated performer Alexis Fawx, and she discusses traveling, performing and acting on film, and being a “sexual athlete”! Next, we have the stunning award-winning feature dancer Natasha Nova! She discusses competitions, creativity, and her love of firearms! Enjoy this year-ending show and have a fabulous new year!

Kenna James: Episode #178

Ho, ho, ho-my goodness! This is some podcast gold, Y’all! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss adult stars branching out and offering goods and viewing enjoyment, tips to fix your single-ness, and watching  porn on your phone for the holidays. Plus, this episode gives you 2 “1 Minute Reviews” for “Little Red” by Girlsway and “Freaky Petite 3” by Arch Angel. Then, the episode concludes with a fantastic interview with the beautiful Kenna James from Blush Gentlemen’s Club from Pittsburgh. She discusses feature dancing, working with male talent, her robot friend, lap dances and what she loves in men and women! It’s fun and so funny! Enjoy the show and may your holiday, and Danglin’, be bright!

Episode #177 – Welcome to the Wincing Nation!

First there was “Black Friday”, then there was “Cyber Monday”, now there’s “Pervert Wednesday”! In this glorious episode, Dick and The Stepfather work over Dangle’s newest client dirtiness and the possibilities that come from it. Articles include AVN/AEE’s new harassment policy and the discussion of behavior, as well as a couple’s marathon sessions, and dating, love and food. Included with this masterpiece is the latest “Celebrity Reading of Adult Material” and a new segment called “One-Minute Reviews”. The movies reviewed are “My Killer Girlfriend” by Burning Angel, and “Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody” by Wicked Comix. Enjoy the listen, and on “Pervert Wednesday”, all dirty jokes are free!

Marica Hase: Episode #176

It’s beginning to look a lot like Pervert Nation, everywhere you go! For this happy episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss getting older and being aroused. For articles, they discuss “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” category for the AVN Awards, some awesome pilot skills, some crazy powerful orgasms and a how-to for non-cuddlers. The second half of the show gives listeners an interview with the beautiful performer, Marica Hase. She discusses leaving Japan to become a performer, her love of bondage, being nominated for awards and being shy on set! She is so much fun, and I know you’ll fall in love with her too! So enjoy the show and go polish your hanging bulbs gently!

Tana Lea: Episode #175

Get ready, Pervert Nation, the holidays are coming! Time to put a log on the fire, and take the log out of your pants! In this episode, Dick Dangle and The Stepfather discuss some award nominees and pick some winners. Articles include romantic men, women and squirting running wild, getting naughtier earlier. And then, Dangle brings you an interview with the stunning performer, Tana Lea! She discusses entering the industry and her latest scenes, as well as answering some rapid-fire questions! She is amazing and motivated to make her mark in the industry! Enjoy the episode and stock up on your logs!

Episode #174: I want the dong, dammit! 

Dick will keep the Thanksgiving jokes to a minimum. No stuffing the bird, no thighs and breasts, no slice of pie. Guess I just did make jokes. Oops. For this long and sexy episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss articles that include a sexual vending machine, kinky cities, exercise and sex, men liking men, porn and soccer, more bad news for good guys, and sex myths. It’s an show that’ll make you undo your belt because your full from the perv! Enjoy the show, get your Dangle on, and cream that corn! Dammit, I did it again!

Episode #173: You’re More of a Southwest Kind of Girl!

Fasten your seatbelts, your pervy trip has just begun! For this beautiful episode, Dick and The Stepfather talk about Dangle’s unabashed sexiness and working with fellow perverts. Articles that will tickle your fancy include a Playboy first, the latest Fleshlight Girl, a new DVD for porn nerds, sex and pizza, facial hair, learning languages and plane issues. It’s a first-class ticket to Sexytown and Awesomeville! So get ready for the best ride you’ll have all week, until the next show!