Maddy O’Reilly: Episode #157

This show comes at you with the dirty thunder and rolls over you like a perverted steam train! In this episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss some of the recent nominations that Mr. Dangle has received for awards based on his second show “Inked After Dark with Dick Dangle” through Inked Angels ( I don’t know how it happened either, but thank you!. Also, Dangle discusses recent business finds (give ’em a tug!). Then, some articles include deal-breakers for women and getting turned on by giving cash (wuh?). And if that wasn’t enough, An interview with the amazing Maddy O’Reilly from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. She discusses fun on social media, porn furniture, subbing and her love of showers! It’s a great discussion! Hang on everybody, the fun is just getting started!

Episode #156: Where do you want it?

Dangle is making a movie based on his attempts with the ladies! It’s called “Mission Impossible”! For this episode, Dick and The Stepfather talk about the sizes that make women orgasm, the noises that men make, the clubs where the sex happens, your new secure password systems, a start-up toy initiative and another reminder to use protection. It’s another spectacular show! But don’t worry, he’ll butter the hell out of your popcorn!

Episode #155 – Playskool My First Stripper Pole

One for the money, who loves this show? Three to make it interesting and four, you ho! This show is over an hour of everything that you love! To start the episode, Dangle tells stories about visiting his perverted ex-coworkers and being witness to an awful date night (it made me ashamed to be a man!). Articles include helping your sex appeal, your new favorite sex toy, sex and old age, becoming a certified pervert, orgasms helping us all and the idea of taboo. I hope you can handle this fine installment that’s bound to fill all of the right spaces! Enjoy!

Anna Bell Peaks: Episode #154

It’s fireworks season and Dick loves the rockets red glare! Though his glare is more off-whiter! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about a video about the fun conversations parents and their kids can have, and articles that include world wide sex laws, a former dominatrix having new job issues and a politician and his online viewing habits. And then the show gifts the listeners an interview with the unbelievable Anna Bell Peaks! A crazy good time, Anna Bell Peaks talks about breaking the internet, furries, branding and exposure, and fan dates! Prepare for her world domination! It’s time to “Ooooh” and “Aaahh” while you look upward! Just watch your eyes!

Curvy Quinn: Episode #153

This show is like your nightstand drawer by your bed. Your bound to find something in here to enjoy! Dangle and The Stepfather talk about another example of poor club etiquette. Then there’s a moment when the beautiful Abigail Mac gives Dangle a special dance (oh man, is it special!)! Then there’s articles about paying for sex, sex toy rankings around the world, what you do thanks to alcohol, U.S. sex laws and a new sexual definition. The show closes with a quick interview with the lovely Curvy Quinn from the Love Ranch outside of Las Vegas, Nevada about her pioneering courtesan ways! And I’ve looked in your night stand drawer, and we need to have a talk! 

Lexi Belle: Episode #152

Dick got thrown off of “America’s Got Talent” because his talent wasn’t family-friendly enough. They must have boring families! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather have a world of perverted madness ready for you to enjoy! First, there is story of a possible business venture that targets those with a sweet tooth! Then they bring you a couple of videos that include how the stars chose porn and a boating incident (you’ll get it, trust me!). Articles include spelling issues, millennials and the hook up culture, being naked in the U.S.A., and how manners matter. Finally, there is a fun of interview with the absolutely stunning Lexi Belle from Blush Gentlemen’s Club! She talks about her love of snowboarding, acting, fan interactions and her iconic scenes! And please use your talents wisely!

Abigail Mac: Episode #151

When Dangle goes through check-out at the grocery store, no one questions why he’s buying cucumbers, whipped cream and D batteries! In this episode, dick brings an instructional video, then articles on drinking etiquette, sex and millennials (again), the optimal cheating age for women and the hilarious possible side effects of sex. And then the second half of the show features an interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh with the unbelievable Abigail Mac! Her amazing ways are on full display as she discusses gyms, her new scenes and getting freebies!!! And don’t forget the chocolate sauce!

Natasha Nova: Episode #150

Hooray! Dick Dangle and The Fine Stepfather bring you episode 150!! That’s right, almost 3 years of episodes! Can you believe it? In this episode, it’s more of what you love and deserve. Dangle discusses a successful road rage de-escalation technique. Then, the team has articles about helping the quick-draw men, a dating system, the amazing world of animals (sex!) and a study of what Dangle does wrong with the ladies (which is a lot!). And then we have an interview with the amazing award-winning feature entertainer Natasha Nova from Blush gentlemen’s Club! She talks dancing, her creativity, her hobbies and the Stripper Olympics (how awesome is that?)! Thanks for being a part of this journey with me and Dangle on!

Kendra Sunderland: Episode #149

If you’re happy and you know it, then your pants will surely show it, if you’re happy and you know it, Dangle on!! To start the show, Dick tells a story about the pro’s and con’s of his new look and how it effects the ladies (oh, what an effect it has!). Articles include sex outside (you know you want it!), generation no-sex (why don’t you want it?), going to my new church (I get an amen?!) and going to my new job (undercover, of course!). And then, there is a great conversation with the amazing Kendra Sunderland from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh, PA. She talks her Fleshlight, her films and her reach beyond the industry! Enjoy the show and Dangle like you’ve never Dangle’d before!

Dani Daniels: Episode #148

Dick Dangle doesn’t play with action figures, but his kung-fu grip is on point! Dick brings some stories such as a fan of Dangle’s music and a question that boggles Dangle’s mind. An interesting video about sex education in schools will teach you something and leads to some high school reminiscing. Articles include what women consider creating and using your phone to your benefit. And then we have a must-listen interview with the unstoppable Dani Daniels from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! We discuss her always being in Dick’s life, her several careers and her influence on my social media interactions! You’ll hear why she is one of the all-time best! Grab a hold of this show and don’t let go!

Episode #147 – I’m Team Quirp!

On your mark…get set…Perv!!! I hope you’re ready, my Dear Danglers, because this show is going to get a little awkward. But in a glorious way! Dick and The Stepfather bring articles that include the perfect number of prior partners, phone licking, expressions of love in airports, mood killers, car lovers, a sex robot (the video is uncomfortably awesome!) and preggo power! This show has so many interesting discussions, you’ll become an awkward conversation expert! Enjoy and Dangle (and awkward!) on!