Mark Blaze: Episode #191

Welcome to the Perverted March Madness Tournament! It won’t be on television, but the ball-handling should be! This episode has it all, it has a sex toy review with the beautiful Harley Marie featuring Fairy Lust Toys, an article about porn and baseball (what?) and an interview with writer/director/producer/performer and the man behind Blazed Studios, Mr. Mark Blaze. He discusses his life before porn, his journey in adult and amazing stories all along the way! It’s a great conversation with an interesting person! And remember, during the tournament, feel free to pass it, palm it and dunk it!

Reya Sunshine: Episode #190

Welcome to the show that never comes in last but always brings up the rear! For this perverted episode, Dick, Harley Marie and The Stepfather discuss porn parodies, bedroom turn-offs, a stroke of law-breaking genius, some fun facts for your water cooler discussions and looking down the barrel of the finish. the episode concludes with an interview with the multi-faceted performer and feature dancer, Reya Sunshine from Blush Gentlemen’s Club! She talks about her brand, Her YouTube videos, shooting unique scenes and  her very own sex doll! She is amazing! Have fun listening and Dangle On!

Kendra Sunderland: Episode #189

How can so much perverted greatness be wrapped into a weekly podcast? Well, have a listen and find out for yourself! It’s time for Dick Dangle, Harley Marie and The Stepfather to get to work! For this epic episode, Dangle and the lovely Harley Marie discuss and review some toys from the amazing Bad Dragon Toy Company (spoiler alert: totally worth it!), and bring another event to add to your 2018 calendar. Articles to enjoy include a best-selling book to read, bizarre sex facts and weird sexual side effects. To continue the sexy journey is a fun interview with the beautiful Kendra Sunderland from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. She discusses her work and legacy in adult, and her future! We hope you love the show and don’t forget to share us with a friend! maybe they’ll show their appreciation by sharing themselves with you!

Alyssa Hart: Episode #188

It’s been said the there are “different strokes for different folks”, but after this show, you’ll need to keep all of the strokes for yourself! For this episode, Dangle, The Stepfather and Harley Marie discuss a bit of “50 Shades of Grey: Freed” (spoiler alert?) and bring articles about our crazy government and the interesting conversation that ensues, some new toys that you may like and people and their anxiety with certain positions. All of this is followed by an interview with the sexy Alyssa Hart! She discusses shooting different adult content, conventions, being nominated for awards and getting things banned overseas (what?)! She’s a winner in my book! Enjoy the show bring passion to what you enjoy and Dangle On!

Angela Sommers: Episode 187

In a world gone mad, there are few things that you can count on. One thing you can always count on is Dick! For this episode, Dangle, The Stepfather and Harley Marie discuss events to help you with your 2018 travels, some awkward parodies to check out (if you’re into such things) and some fun information on Germans and their lube preferences (kinky!). An article to read is on the current state of prolific women directors in adult. Finally, there is a fun interview with the beautiful Angela Sommers from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. She discusses travel issues, performing and dancing, her creativity and her adult performing. It’s a great conversation! And remember, no matter what, Dick is always here for you!

Sophie Dee: Episode #186

Welcome to the Pervert Nation, one and all! Salute the flag and make me proud! Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie have a great time bringing you some fun and hilarity! Packed within this episode at articles about a best-of list, some awful old-timey advice for women (just don’t do it!) and a new type of cheating. Then Dick goes to Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh to interview the beautiful Sophie Dee. The amazing feature dancer and adult performer discusses interacting with overseas fans, acting, her auction website and her shyness. It’s a great time! Enjoy the show and spread the word of the Dangle!

Jay from Episode #185

The perverted people, the perverted people! It’s relative to the size of your Dangle! For this episode, the fun begins with a look at Dick, Harley Marie and The Stepfathers’ award show predictions, a fun video for you to enjoy, and stories of a dinosaur guru, and an opportunity to marry a porn star (winner!) that leads to new business ideas. The second half of the show is filled with an interview with owner of, Jay. He discusses his journey to the adult industry and working with the adult industry, and trends. It’s a fantastic conversation full of fun stories and great memories! Have a great time listening. Sexy ladies has made him this way, and there’s nothing that will take it away!

Bonnie Rotten: Episode #184

You have been selected for Dick Dangle’s Pervert Army! We have strength in numbers, strength of character and strength of kegel muscles! For this spectacular episode, Dangle and the crew banter about articles including porn’s effect on the environment, a new look at dick pics, using electricity for fun and another state that has an issue with porn. The second half of the show contains an interesting and amazing interview with the icon Bonnie Rotten from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She discusses advise for new performers, being a business woman and meeting celebrities. It’s a really cool discussion! We hope you love the show make your Pervert Nation proud!

Episode #183 – The Captain Flaccid Podcast!

Baby, it’s cold outside. But it’s warm in here! And by “in here”, I mean this show! And my pants! During this fantastic episode, Dick Dangle tells stories about an impromptu sex party (thanks to Dangle!), then Dick, Harley Marie and The Stepfather make some AVN Award predictions, talk about a few new AVN Hall of Fame Inductees, some on-screen fakery, and dismantle a BJ article. It’s a gift to the ears and the imagination! Have a magnificent day and Dangle on!

Episode #182 – …and you fill in my holes that he doesn’t!

If lovin’ this show is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! Because this is podcast gold! With this episode, Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie discuss dating someone in the industry, an AVN Award show update, when sex goes wrong and making it right, knowing your anatomy and masturbating men. You will learn a lot about the Dangle team during this show as well as yourself! Also, another “Celebrity Readings of Erotic Material”. Feel the power, passion and hilarity that keeps you coming…back for more!

Episode #181 – I know what you’re spanking about! Stop it!

Time for your 5-course dinner of perverted deliciousness! Put on your bib with a napkin for your lap and dig in! Under the big silver cover is Dick Dangle, and he is joined by the A-team of Harley Marie and The Stepfather and they discuss some more online love, internet searches and the teams’ dislikes, Stroking on the clock (ew.), what fruit does for your face, the length of sex. Enjoy the show and hopefully you leave with a fully belly and a satiated mind!

Prinzzess, Bad Dragon Toys, Harley Marie: Episode #180

“Danglin’ After Dark” carries you into 2018 with a moisture-making show that features 2 interviews and a guest host! Dick, The Stepfather share the beautiful Harley Marie with the listeners once again, and discuss the new year, new research, unwanted sex (is that a thing?), your new favorite coffee place and the lamest sexual bucket list ever (but it’s a start). Then, the interviews start with a fun update with Derek Young and the staff at Bad Dragon Toy Company. They talk about their latest conventions stories and a cool sponsorship! This is followed up by an interview with the stunning Prinzzess from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She talks about recovering from Hurricane Irma, vacationing and some of her latest scenes! I hope everyone is ready for an epic 2018, because it’s onward and upward for this Dangle Train!