Dani Daniels: Episode #148

Dick Dangle doesn’t play with action figures, but his kung-fu grip is on point! Dick brings some stories such as a fan of Dangle’s music and a question that boggles Dangle’s mind. An interesting video about sex education in schools will teach you something and leads to some high school reminiscing. Articles include what women consider creating and using your phone to your benefit. And then we have a must-listen interview with the unstoppable Dani Daniels from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! We discuss her always being in Dick’s life, her several careers and her influence on my social media interactions! You’ll hear why she is one of the all-time best! Grab a hold of this show and don’t let go!

Episode #147 – I’m Team Quirp!

On your mark…get set…Perv!!! I hope you’re ready, my Dear Danglers, because this show is going to get a little awkward. But in a glorious way! Dick and The Stepfather bring articles that include the perfect number of prior partners, phone licking, expressions of love in airports, mood killers, car lovers, a sex robot (the video is uncomfortably awesome!) and preggo power! This show has so many interesting discussions, you’ll become an awkward conversation expert! Enjoy and Dangle (and awkward!) on!

Cindy Starfall: Episode #145

This show will make you laugh, learn and love being dirty! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss Dick’s latest porn star dream (so strange!). There’s a video for listeners to watch on the topic of hand-love (that’s vague!) and an article to read on the topic of the single pornosexual (cool word!). Articles include gardening, auctions, photography and Ohio. Don’t worry, all of the stories are naughty! The second half of the show contains a great and fun interview with the beautiful Cindy Starfall! She talks about conventions, feature dancing, her scenes and her showcase video with Evil Angel. It’s a true inside look into Cindy’s life and career! Enjoy the show and use your new knowledge wisely!

Keisha Grey: Episode #144

Dick Dangle used to be a great hockey player until his game became predictable. He always goes for the five-hole! For this fun episode, Dick and The Stepfather articles include some information for listeners (and everybody!) involving modern definitions for new sexual terms. Also included are some incredible stats from 2016, the health benefits of the kink and relationship tests to torture your partners with!. And then Dangle catches up with the amazing Keisha Grey at Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She talks about her movies, social media fun and her adult master plans! And remember, always be aware of Dangle’s high stick!

Episode #143 – The game is “review my browser history!”

Easter has just passed us by and Dick has two ginger eggs that haven’t been found yet! Where could they be? In this episode, Dangle talks about a possible failure to the pervert nation but saves it by bringing listeners some great video about men showing their women some of their online searches. Articles include an update for a popular magazine, sex workers and education, college love, a sex doll for the rich and famous, facial hair love and feeling the glow! And the #NoSexOneYear contest winner is named! By the way, if you want a hint on where the eggs are, start in Dick’s pants!

Prinzzess Felicity Jade: Episode #142

Dangle is finishing up his taxes. He’s going to write off everything and make some new friends in the tax office! For this episode, Dick and The Stepfather bring a video to you featuring the scholastic studies of adult stars. Articles involve unprotected sex (naughty, naughty!), your new favorite breakfast treat, love doll technology, porn searches and the things we do for love (and the things Dangle has done as well!). The second half of the show features another great interview with the amazing Prinzzess Felicity Jade from Blush Gentlemen’s club in Pittsburgh. We discuss food, home projects, scene preparation and performing! It’s a great talk! And to be fair, Dangle will only write off the GREAT lap dances!

Riley Steele: Episode #141

Hello, my sweet Danglers! Welcome to a show that gives something for both the men and the ladies! On this episode, there are articles that include how you can save the animals and some astounding world records for you to try and match (good luck and God’s speed!). And, lucky for the listeners, there are two interviews from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. First is an interview with a gentleman from the Magic Mike Live Male Review from Las Vegas, where we discuss travel, breaking into the business and dancing for women. And then, we have the ultra-amazing adult entertainer Riley Steele! We discuss her career, her love of the ladies, her different movie roles and being a Fleshlight Girl! It’s an incredible interview filled with the information you want to know! Now take that positive, perverted energy and teach the world a naughty lesson!

Lacey Rain: Episode #140

Welcome to the Dick Dangle Ice Cream Company! No matter the flavor, all treats look like vanilla custard! For this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather bring articles that include states with itching issues, sex with a robot, your next European vacation destination, as well as more technological sex help and some entertaining sex article translations. And then we have an interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh with “The Hurricane” Lacey Rain! This award-winning competitive dancer talks about seeing the sites, her PANDA calendar and stage show development. She is as entertaining off-stage as she is on-stage! So enjoy the show, and remember to eat the ice cream sensually, it enhances the flavor!

Jillian Janson: Episode #139

Some people call him the pervert cowboy, some call him the Dangle of love! In this colorful episode of D.A.D., Dick and The Stepfather bring, to you, a video on watching porn at work and an article on the tickling fetish. Also discussed are your newest fetish and boobs from around the world! And please listen to Danglin’ After Darks first sponsor: Spunk Lube! We have a commercial and everything, so please enjoy! Finally, an entertaining interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club with the gorgeous Jillian Janson is presented to you. She talks award shows and conventions, her career and the extremes of shooting! Have a great time listening as we speak on the Dangleness of love!

Episode #138 – I know a real vagina when I see it!

Hey ladies! I can’t find my keys. Could you check my pockets for me? In this episode, videos with pornstar artists and artistic description are available for your viewing pleasure. Articles include kinky cities, a porn parody for gamers, a new fashion trend for the ladies and great sex stories. Others stories include sex and age, and porn and marriage. Dangle and The Stepfather do a dramatic reading involving couple’s sexual fantasies. It’s a good time had by all. And considering how much laughter there is on this show, you know the boys are having some fun! Still can’t find the keys? Check my pockets again. And I swear they’re not in my hand!

Irene Boss, Part 2: Episode #137

Thank you ma’am, may I have another?! Luckily, all of us get another! In this episode, Dick talks about visiting “The Compound”, the exquisite workplace of the Supreme Dominatrix, Irene Boss. It was a tour of extraordinary magnitude! Plus, you get part two of the amazing interview of Irene Boss, which contains great public moments, effects of the internet and proper communication. There are also articles that include a naughty school boy (it’s not what you think!) and a series of accidently-erotic commercial (that’s not what they meant!). Get ready to learn a lot and become a better person for the journey!