Episode #223

If you need help with your landscaping, hire Dick’s Lawn Care! No one will do a better job trimming your bush than Dick! Welcome to another awe-inspiring show! First off, Dangle gives you some fun stories and answers a podcast question. Next, the magnificent Harley Marie gives you a super toy review for your future purchases! Lastly, the team tackles some interesting stories and closes with a field trip gone wrong. So get to it, Pervert Nation, and remember: a little pruning never hurt anybody!

Sonia Harcourt: Episode #222

It’s time for some fun in the sun with the Danglin’ After Dark Crew! From sexy tan lines and helping you with some lotion, to making sure that your wieners are exactly how you like them. Hot! And then there’s your summertime listening pleasure! For this blazing hot show, Dick and The Stepfather discuss enlargement gone wrong, clean lovin’ and overrated sex acts. Then, Dangle brings you an interview with the supremely sexy Sonia Harcourt! She discusses her passions for performing, both inside and outside of adult, her love of giving and the perks of her lifestyle. You’ll soon find out how amazing she is! So have a safe holiday and make sure nothing goes off in your hands!

Episode #221

Dick Dangle is an unrestricted free agent and is looking for a team to be a part of. His demands are simple: money and love for himself and Pervert Nation! In this episode, Dick discusses some interesting personal stories with The Stepfather (How does he get himself into these predicaments?). Then, the boys discusses some YNOT Cam Awards news, New York leading the pack, a nightmare sex toy story and a great article about some museum madness! Have a great time listening to the latest episode and hope that Dangle comes to your team!

Episode #220

Dick Dangle wanted to become a magician, but he only wanted to make things disappear into his assistants and not have them reappear again. And that feels magical, but isn’t magic at all! For this fun episode, Harley Marie discusses her convention weekend in Miami and does some toy reviews of some amazing Blush Novelty products! Then, the crew gets into some more survey fun. All of it leads to some fantastic discussions and entertaining banter all around. Have a blast listening to the show, Dangle On and when your with the one you love, when you orgasm, don’t be afraid to say “Abracadabra! Tah Dah!”

Jay from YNot: Episode #219

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends, I’m so glad Pervert Nation could attend, come inside, come inside! Because you love being entertained, you get a full episode interview with YNot.com Co-Owner, President and Mastermind, Jay Kopita! Jay talks about putting together an adult award show (and almost missing it!), developing a camming site and summit, his views on current sex work issues and trying to be a mainstream actor. It’s an engaging discussion with a compelling businessman! Dangle on and thanks for coming to see the show!

Alice Little: Episode #218

I hope you’re ready, Pervert Nation! In this very special episode, the beautiful Alice Little, the #1 Courtesan in the U.S. from the world famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch, joins Dick Dangle for a full episode of entertainment and education. This conversational journey covers so many aspects of sex. She discusses her career, the emotional/psychological nuances of sexuality and brothel work, her media reach and so much more. It’s a passionate discussion that spans the spectrum of sexuality in a way that few people can do. But Alice Little does it perfectly! Enjoy the fun, intellectual, historical and fascinating world of Alice Little!

I wonder if he felt the stitches? – Episode #217

They say “When life closes a door, it opens a window”. Hopefully, through that window, you can watch your sexy neighbor change clothes! This episode’s magic is brought to you by Dick and Harley Marie, and they get into sex toy reviews that leads to a sex toy discussion. Then, they read through some uncomfortable stories about prison porn, hospital sex and porn viewing habits of the religious. This is not for the faint of heart, even though it’s thoroughly entertaining! Enjoy the show and here’s to open blinds and good binoculars!

Now give me some salve! – Episode #216

The latest movie from Dick Dangle Studios is animated masterpiece, but it’s not for kids. Please enjoy “The secret life of Pervs 2”! For this fine podcast episode, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss some of Dick’s latest in-game advertisements and some relationship talk. Then there’s the latest clothing trend, a sex survey and history’s sex scandals. Another show filled with rollercoaster ride of emotion you enjoy! And don’t worry about the movie parody being to different from the original. It’ll have plenty of doggie style!

Wieners and holes, wieners and holes – Episode #215

Welcome to the show that is the best escape for your perverted mind! Put on your headphones, press play and get ready to tingle! For this piece of magic, Dangle and The Stepfather discuss some awkward social media followers and being a responsible messages (who does that?), vintage smut finds, hotel magic, poor toy choices and sex dreams. It’s everything you love and expect from this podcast! Thanks for enjoying the show and give those earbuds a workout!

Erika Icon: Episode #214

The baseball season is in full swing (get it?) and Dick Dangle wants a minor league team! Can you imagine what giveaways the Pittsburgh Danglers would have? For this show, Dangle and Harley Marie discuss Dick’s adult collection and it leads to a heart-breaking article as well as a story about a new porn experience. This episode is highlighted by an interview with The Rub P.R. Agency owner, Erika Icon. She talks about her agency, the job and her clients, the ups and downs of the adult industry, working with different personalities and watching client’s “work”. It’s a fantastic discussion with a great insider view of the porn world! Enjoy the show and when you get the ballpark, check out the size of the Dangle Dogs!

Kendra James: Episode #213

Here he comes, Danglin’ down the street, gets the dirtiest looks from, other pervs he meets! Hey, hey it’s Dick Dangle, and people say he Dangles around! I’ll stop. It’s new episode time and there’s a lot of Dangle to spread around! Dick brings Harley Marie and her lovely ways to the show and they discuss some of Dangle’s latest run-ins. Then, they discuss a new condom survey. Finally, Dick interviews the beautiful performer, Kendra James! She discusses her life, her career, her travels and her artwork. It’s a very interesting conversation with an amazing performer! So have fun with the show and remember, Dangle’s comin’ to your town!

Bella Rose: Episode #212

Dick is always working hard to bring you quality entertainment, and this show is no different! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about the latest male sex toy, a magazine list for men’s arousal and the latest worldly craze.