Brooklyn Chase: Episode #206

Dick Dangle sure knows how to spoil his listeners! To prove his love for all things adult, he has another in-studio guest, and it’s none other than the captivating Brooklyn Chase! In an unforgettable episode, she discusses her recent time off, feature dancing, the fun of parties, mind-blowing questions and also gives some helpful love information. Dick and Brooklyn also have a laugh over a story that hits too close to home! How’s that for an episode?! Sometimes it’s good to be the Dangle!

Kenna James : Episode #205

There are times in life where greatness is bestowed upon you, and for Dick Dangle, greatness showed up in-studio!!! The beautiful Kenna James took some time away from feature dancing at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh to have a laugh or two in Dangle’s studio! This highly nominated superstar talks about fan interactions, interesting movies and the psychology of conventions. Then, Kenna enjoys an article about what silly people are putting in their bodies. One word: Ouch! It’s an amazing episode filled with great conversation for the world to enjoy!

Harley Marie: Episode #204

And the “Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Podcast Listeners” goes to…YOU!!! And your reward for winning this prestigious award is a fun episode with Dick and your favorite lady co-host, Harley Marie! She spends a full episode catching up with Dangle and discussing sex toy maintenance, Inked Awards show memories, love and attraction and tips for strippers! Plus, they discuss a story about a sex-crazed woman that leads to a large toy discussion! What’s not to love? This podcast is picking up steam and finding it’s form, so keep your ears ready, the show’s getting crazy!!!

Ariana Marie: Episode #203

Welcome to the episode where Dick Dangle steps out of his comfort zone and does a solo show! That’s right, just you and Dick, one-on-one! Who could ask for more? He talks about his recent club move as well as being a perverted yard sale enthusiast! Thankfully, the episode is save by an interview with the stunning Ariana Marie from Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! Ariana discusses her films, traveling and finding her more adventurous side! it’s a great time with a fantastic performer! Enjoy!

Leigh Raven: Episode #202

Is there anything more magical than spending Valentine’s Day with your favorite Dick? Of course, the answer is NO! For this fun show, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about the difference between “big dick energy” and “nice guy energy” and how it may effect attraction. And what better way to show love for another than listening to an interview with the beautiful Leigh Raven from Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She discusses her busy schedule, shooting content in Europe, acting in porn and being a minimalist! Trust me, it’s a great time for everyone! So light the fireplace, put the rose peddles down and share some champagne with your favorite podcast!

Don’t call it a cumback! – Episode 201

Welcome back everybody! Did you miss us? That’s right, it’s time to begin your favorite perverted podcast once again! Now with 50% more nasty! In this episode, Dick Dangle and The Stepfather get the party started by catching the listeners up on some of the things that happened during their time away. And, of course, Dangle has stories of courting and flirtation that will be sure to tickle all of your fancies. We hope you enjoy the ride, but be sure to wear as many seatbelts as you can. Maximum restraint is needed for this journey!

Shar Pei Party! : Episode #200

Here it is Pervert Nation, Episode 200! The final fabulous and epic show brings almost 4 years of Podcast Gold to a glorious close. Dick Dangle and The Stepfather bring you an update to a CD_ROM problem solving, and discusses a nursing home hero and some self-love statistics. After the break, an amazing amount of thank-you’s and stories play out the last piece of recording. I would like to thank one and all for joining us during our perverted journey. So until we meet again, Dangle On and Dangle Out!

Like you’re bobbin’ for apples! : Episode #199

Can you feel the winds of the coming storm? Be careful or it’ll blow the hell out of you! For this glorious episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about some cutting-edge, throwback technology that Dick found (so funny!). Articles include a man who doesn’t get the greatness of eating, new toys for super hero fans, some all-purpose pants for women, getting your rhythm in bed, and finding your way around Nevada and the world! So get out your poncho and galoshes and get ready to get wet!

Episode #198 – It’s like wringing out a rag!

Much like a Hollywood movie, this Podcast  has everything! Action, romance, laughs and most of all, bizarre dirty references! Before Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie discuss stories, they pass along info on voting for Harley and her X-Biz Awards nomination, and the evolution of dating deal-breakers. Articles include things movies getting it wrong when it comes to the love, one man’s woodland run-in and sex records to aspire to. This blockbuster may not win any awards, but it will be a cult classic for years to come!

Larkin Love: Episode #197

And the first pick in this years’ Pervert Draft, The Washington Wackers pick you! For this episode, Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie give some updates to past interview guests, and discuss articles about the best car-pool ever, sexy statistics and hope for the over-achievers. Then, Dangle has an interview with the beautiful clip star and Dominatrix Larkin Love. She talks about her wide variety of clips, her work as a dominatrix, her thoughts on shooting taboo and the psychology of sex. It’s fascinating! So, enjoy! And remember rookie, work hard and stay humble. You don’t want to be demoted to The Florida Fingerers!

Dangle did a bad, bad thing!: Episode #196

I hope the Pervert Nation is ready for a veritable cornucopia of sexiness, because this show has it all! On this episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss old ads and mail-ins from old Playboy magazines, and Dangle experiments with the forth wall with a new toy (get ready to learn!). Articles include the idea of male “Porn Stars” and Virtual Reality sex while having actual sex (mind blown!). And of course we have another “Celebrity Reading of Erotic Material (Enjoy!)! Have a napkin ready because this show is gonna make your mouth water!

Ricky Johnson: Episode #195

Listening to this show is like getting your perverted pie and eating it too! In this delicious episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss a feature dancing news-maker and how Dick can’t make decisions. Articles include a story on the world of social media and its’ ramifications, and an article not meant for those who may be obsessive/compulsive. Then, the lady listeners are in for a treat! Dangle has an interview with new male performer/superstar Ricky Johnson! He discusses his impact on the industry, his future aspirations, his online presence and his outlook on the industry. It’s a fantastic and cool listen with an great man! So have a fun time listening and make sure to keep a few extra napkins on hand!