Exxxotica NJ, Part 1: Episode #239

What’s better than one show talking about a convention weekend? Two shows, of course! For this episode, the team of Dick Dangle and Harley Marie act like news anchors and documentary film makers to bring you part one of all the happenings that revolve around the Inked Angels booth and Exxxotica NJ weekend! They tell fun stories of show prep, meeting new people and feeling the love! And then there are a series of short interviews with Chrissy LeBlanc, Kiera Stone, Mallery Maneater and… Co-host Harley Marie! Get ready to fall in love with some amazing women! Enjoy the madness that is a convention weekend and feel like a VIP insider!

Episode #238

Nothing says Halloween like the Dick Dangle line of costumes, including the pizza boy, the pool boy and the wearable, inflatable white leather porn couch! For this episode, Dick handles a Blush Novelties male toy review of the Performance VX6 Penis Pump. Then the gang discusses a few articles, including mainstream movie parodies, helping the ladies with their skill set and popular web searches by state. You’ll learn and laugh, and be surprisingly aroused throughout the whole experience! And remember to polish your jack-o-lantern before trying to get some treats!

Bianca Burke: Episode #237

It’s “Dangle Days” here at the Dick Dangle Super Warehouse, and the deals are crazy! For instance, you get 30 minutes with Dick and The Stepfather and then an interview…FOR FREE! The interview is with the lovely Bianca Burke and she discusses entering the industry, shooting different scenes, her love of fitness and more! It’s a fun talk with a high energy performer! So enjoy the show and don’t forget to present your coupon at checkout to get another free show next week!

Episode #236

There are moments that dangle and some that are danglier. This, Pervert Nation, is the most dangliest you could hope for! In this show, The Stepfather listens to Dangle talk about a recent find and have a good time at Dick’s expense as he overshares! Articles offer information that evrryone knows, breakin’ the law and starting with all the wrong information. If you don’t laugh or learn from this episode, it’s time to make changes in your life! Dangle On and live your best life!

Rocky Emerson: Episode #235

Fall is here and it’s latte season, and Dick Dangle is more than happy to put some froth on your drink! In this episode, Dick gets personal with the process and partial fail in a tribute to Harley Marie, then Harley does a review of a really unique sex toy and the crew discusses an article about sex workers first days on the job. The show break includes a new “One Minute Review” of the Burning Angel film “Metal Massage”. Lastly, big show news about Inked Angels and Dick Dangle that delivers an interview with the stunning Rocky Emerson! This sexy performer discusses her popularity, her plants, long and hot shoots, and her love of well-placed finishes. It doesn’t get any better than this! Enjoy the show and remember, a sex toy in a pile of leaves is much more fun than a needle in a haystack!

Episode #234

Your favorite show is back once again, and is showing you why it’s popularity keeps expanding like the bulge in my pants! After Harley Marie does a sex toy review from Ballistic Metal, Dick and H. M. talk about club music, accidental messages, a gift to the adult community, naming rights, lame advise and oversharing. It’s a complete show covering all of your perverted bases! There’s no doubt that this episode will bring you back, just make sure you bring a friend next time. The more, the sexier!

Maddy O’Reilly & Tori Avano: Episode #233

It’s been a while since Dick Dangle had an in-studio guest, so he decided to make this show count with, not one, but TWO guests! The lovely and talented Maddy O’Reilly and Tori Avano stop in and make for an amazing show. They discuss how they met, Maddy’s newest projects, navigating social media, doing intense scenes, friends on the road and the importance of hiding the good booze! You will laugh and learn and be better for it! It’s a fantastic time with two genuine and beautiful women, and two awesome performers. Enjoy and Dangle On!

Episode #231

My eyes are pregnant! It's football season again and the show is getting you ready! The only problem is that "roughing" and "holding" are good things and there is no such thing as "illegal motion'! In this amazing episode, Dick and The Stepfather talk a little podcast...

Bunny Colby: Episode #230

It’s back to school time and nobody does it better than Dick Dangle University, where more than just the curriculum is hard! For this episode, Harley Marie has a Blush Novelties “Explore the Realm” toy review, and the team covers a number of topics and stories, one being too much of a good thing. The second half of the show features an interview with the stunning Bunny Colby! She discusses her quality hip movement, her superpower, and answers some questions on some of her tweets. She’s funny and entertaining, and crazy hot! Have a great day and get ready for homeroom, where the lessons are firm but fair!

Episode #228

Dick Dangle was thinking of putting some episodes onto limited edition records, put the penis and balls die-cut vinyl make the turntable really off balance! For this latest edition, the Pervert Nation enjoys Dick and Harley Marie as she talks about another unique video of hers and Dangle’s trimless nature. Articles include a thirsty woman, gloves with love, a new dating app and tips for firmer men. Get ready to learn! Have a great time listening to this episode and just wait until you see Dick’s next musical venture, 8 and a half tracks!