Episode #165: Dr. Victoria of EHM in LV

I hope you brought your pencil and paper, because this episode is going to take you to school! Listen to Dick, The Stepfather and Champagne Dan discuss meeting/watching a legend, how meditation may help your sex life, a place for nudists and adding a little something to different parts of your diet. The second half of the show contains a fantastic interview with Dr. Victoria from the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas! She discusses the museum, current social ideals of sex, museum events and fun topics including Las Vegas talk! It’s an amazing discussion that will make you want to visit Dangle’s home away from home! And pay attention, because there will be a test at the end!

Episode #164: I Got to See What’s in the Box!

Welcome to the law offices of “Dangle & Associates”, where are fees may be high (like 69%), but everyone is satisfied with the outcome! Another great show with Dick, The Stepfather and Champagne Dan! Topics include the things that happen in Dangle’s life, including problems in traffic and dirty album covers (tell me your favorites!). The boys talk discuss stories like the idea of casual sex or friends with benefits, phone sex operators and the idea of “Outercourse”. Enjoy the show and remember, at “Dangle & Ass.”, no one works harder for your needs!

Episode #163: Good for You, Canada

What do we want? DANGLE! When do we want it? NOW! Where do we want it? IN OUR EARS! Ew. For this glorious episode, Dangle discusses his recent run-ins with the things that make him a perverted podcaster, be it innocent and not-so-innocent! Articles that The Stepfather and Champagne Dan join in with include butt-love from the Great White North, a video about the evolution of adult toys, helping with your online dating profile, young men’s changing interests and much more! Why do we want it? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!

Episode #162 – Ask for Grippy Glenda!

The Sun may have been blocked out by the moon in some parts of the world, but “Danglin’ After Dark” will be a beacon of light to help show you the way! Dangle and The Stepfather have Champagne Dan in studio and discuss the topics of the day, including eclipses and massages, as well as articles including a new addition to your jewelry collection, make-up sex, American orgasms and occupations likely to cheat. It’s a laugh riot as well as an informative romp through the world of perversion! Enjoy, and don’t stare at it or you’ll go blind!

Episode #160: That’s why you get them declawed!

Welcome to Sgt. Dangle’s Perverted Hearts Club Band! I KNOW you will enjoy this show! Get ready for Dick and The Stepfather to talk about a brave new couple, sexual partners and cheating trends, an issue with a public display, crazy sex dolls on the market and unfortunate sex injuries. The second half of the show begins with a crazy awesome estate sale find, issues with NOT having sex and the worst sex idea EVER! Have a good time listening to the show and enjoy it with a little help from a friend!

Brett Rossi: Episode #159

How many licks does it take to get to the center of Dick Dangle? No one knows for sure, but he’s taking applications! During this episode, Dangle discusses a run-in with a “chick magnet” in the city and uses an article to try and work his way into The Stepfather’s…life. Other articles include some sneaky officers, new porn site verifications, a porn stars’ beliefs and a shot at a world record. Then the show’s sexiness level skyrockets as Dangle interviews the beautiful Brett Rossi at Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. She talks doughnuts, her stand-up, multi-colored penises and talking dirty! How awesome is that?! Enjoy the episode, and your application has been accepted!

Episode #158 – It hit the desk like a fire extinguisher!

The doctor is in! I hope you’re ready for your exam, but I’m sorry, I’m out of gowns! For this episode, Dangle talks about his male toy buying adventure and then does review of the CalExotic Adonis (it’s a stroke of genius!)! Then the dynamic duo discuss articles about people’s cheating ways, America’s sexually adventurous cities and the thoughts men think while being pleasured! And then we bring you an interview with the mainstream/cam model extraordinaire Kelley Cabbana! She talks about being nominated for awards, exhibitionism, interacting with fans and hosting a show! It’s a great discussion with an amazing performer! Enjoy the show,and don’t worry, I have a fresh box of gloves!

Maddy O’Reilly: Episode #157

This show comes at you with the dirty thunder and rolls over you like a perverted steam train! In this episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss some of the recent nominations that Mr. Dangle has received for awards based on his second show “Inked After Dark with Dick Dangle” through Inked Angels (InkedAngels.com). I don’t know how it happened either, but thank you!. Also, Dangle discusses recent business finds (give ’em a tug!). Then, some articles include deal-breakers for women and getting turned on by giving cash (wuh?). And if that wasn’t enough, An interview with the amazing Maddy O’Reilly from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh. She discusses fun on social media, porn furniture, subbing and her love of showers! It’s a great discussion! Hang on everybody, the fun is just getting started!

Episode #156: Where do you want it?

Dangle is making a movie based on his attempts with the ladies! It’s called “Mission Impossible”! For this episode, Dick and The Stepfather talk about the sizes that make women orgasm, the noises that men make, the clubs where the sex happens, your new secure password systems, a start-up toy initiative and another reminder to use protection. It’s another spectacular show! But don’t worry, he’ll butter the hell out of your popcorn!

Episode #155 – Playskool My First Stripper Pole

One for the money, who loves this show? Three to make it interesting and four, you ho! This show is over an hour of everything that you love! To start the episode, Dangle tells stories about visiting his perverted ex-coworkers and being witness to an awful date night (it made me ashamed to be a man!). Articles include helping your sex appeal, your new favorite sex toy, sex and old age, becoming a certified pervert, orgasms helping us all and the idea of taboo. I hope you can handle this fine installment that’s bound to fill all of the right spaces! Enjoy!

Anna Bell Peaks: Episode #154

It’s fireworks season and Dick loves the rockets red glare! Though his glare is more off-whiter! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about a video about the fun conversations parents and their kids can have, and articles that include world wide sex laws, a former dominatrix having new job issues and a politician and his online viewing habits. And then the show gifts the listeners an interview with the unbelievable Anna Bell Peaks! A crazy good time, Anna Bell Peaks talks about breaking the internet, furries, branding and exposure, and fan dates! Prepare for her world domination! It’s time to “Ooooh” and “Aaahh” while you look upward! Just watch your eyes!