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Shar Pei Party! : Episode #200

Here it is Pervert Nation, Episode 200! The final fabulous and epic show brings almost 4 years of Podcast Gold to a glorious close. Dick Dangle and The Stepfather bring you an update to a CD_ROM problem solving, and discusses a nursing home hero and some self-love statistics. After the break, an amazing amount of thank-you’s and stories play out the last piece of recording. I would like to thank one and all for joining us during our perverted journey. So until we meet again, Dangle On and Dangle Out!

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Like you’re bobbin’ for apples! : Episode #199

Can you feel the winds of the coming storm? Be careful or it’ll blow the hell out of you! For this glorious episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about some cutting-edge, throwback technology that Dick found (so funny!). Articles include a man who doesn’t get the greatness of eating, new toys for super hero fans, some all-purpose pants for women, getting your rhythm in bed, and finding your way around Nevada and the world! So get out your poncho and galoshes and get ready to get wet!

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Episode #198 – It’s like wringing out a rag!

Much like a Hollywood movie, this Podcast  has everything! Action, romance, laughs and most of all, bizarre dirty references! Before Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie discuss stories, they pass along info on voting for Harley and her X-Biz Awards nomination, and the evolution of dating deal-breakers. Articles include things movies getting it wrong when it comes to the love, one man’s woodland run-in and sex records to aspire to. This blockbuster may not win any awards, but it will be a cult classic for years to come!

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Larkin Love: Episode #197

And the first pick in this years’ Pervert Draft, The Washington Wackers pick you! For this episode, Dick, The Stepfather and Harley Marie give some updates to past interview guests, and discuss articles about the best car-pool ever, sexy statistics and hope for the over-achievers. Then, Dangle has an interview with the beautiful clip star and Dominatrix Larkin Love. She talks about her wide variety of clips, her work as a dominatrix, her thoughts on shooting taboo and the psychology of sex. It’s fascinating! So, enjoy! And remember rookie, work hard and stay humble. You don’t want to be demoted to The Florida Fingerers!

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Dangle did a bad, bad thing!: Episode #196

I hope the Pervert Nation is ready for a veritable cornucopia of sexiness, because this show has it all! On this episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss old ads and mail-ins from old Playboy magazines, and Dangle experiments with the forth wall with a new toy (get ready to learn!). Articles include the idea of male “Porn Stars” and Virtual Reality sex while having actual sex (mind blown!). And of course we have another “Celebrity Reading of Erotic Material (Enjoy!)! Have a napkin ready because this show is gonna make your mouth water!

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Ricky Johnson: Episode #195

Listening to this show is like getting your perverted pie and eating it too! In this delicious episode, Dick and The Stepfather discuss a feature dancing news-maker and how Dick can’t make decisions. Articles include a story on the world of social media and its’ ramifications, and an article not meant for those who may be obsessive/compulsive. Then, the lady listeners are in for a treat! Dangle has an interview with new male performer/superstar Ricky Johnson! He discusses his impact on the industry, his future aspirations, his online presence and his outlook on the industry. It’s a fantastic and cool listen with an great man! So have a fun time listening and make sure to keep a few extra napkins on hand!

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A Little Crème De Man!: Episode #194

It’s the grand opening of Dangle’s Cafe, where the milkshakes are thick and the pie is hot! The show features the full crew of Harley Marie, The Stepfather and Dick himself! Included in this episode are a Dangle club visit, a fun story told to Dangle from a friend and a new computer friend for Dick. Articles for this show are a fun book find on Amazon (the reads are amazing!), an odd, a Footloose-style story, an article ripe for debate and a rest stop for a lucky handful men! Have fun with the show and don’t hesitate to get your sausage to go!

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Brooklyn Chase: Episode #193

Welcome to the Pervert Nation where you can hide eggs and toys in your rabbit holes all year round! For this episode, Dangle and the fine Stepfather discuss a listener comment and an anniversary for Dangle and the conversation that ensues. Articles include some interesting adult books on Amazon (from paper to disease!) and a story of the worst headlock ever!! Then there’s an interview with the stunning adult performer, Brooklyn Chase! She talks about her Canadian friend, her birthday celebration, social media, fans and her scenes and career. It’s a amazing conversation with an exquisite woman! I hope you like the show and make sure you warm up your hands before you search for sugary goodness!

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Dick’s Instagram Adventures

  • If you have the opportunity to meet robbieripoll  consider
    5 days ago by danglinafterdark If you have the opportunity to meet  @robbieripoll  , consider yourself lucky. The man is not only an amazingly talented artist but a great human being. It was a true pleasure!
  • Every time I meet realajapplegate  I have so much
    6 days ago by danglinafterdark Every time I meet  @realajapplegate  , I have so much fun! Perfect to a fault! Thrilled to see that smile!
  • The energy that the sexy malmaneater13 puts out is crazy
    6 days ago by danglinafterdark The energy that the sexy  @mal_maneater13  puts out is crazy cool! So happy that I was able to meet her!
  • What can I say about soniaharcourt and eriktoddinsta ? A
    6 days ago by danglinafterdark What can I say about  @soniaharcourt  and  @eriktoddinsta  ? A crazy coll couple of hot performers! Lucky to call them my friends!
  • For those who didnt know I did a skit as
    6 days ago by danglinafterdark For those who didn't know, I did a skit as Father Dangle at the  @_inkedangels  Inked Awards! It went better than I could've dreamed! Thanks to everyone for playing along!
  • Some people are so hot they make me giggle Case
    6 days ago by danglinafterdark Some people are so hot, they make me giggle. Case in point, the playfully sexy  @meltmemeow  ! Adore this woman!
  • This past weekend at Exxxotica NJ I got the opportunity
    6 days ago by danglinafterdark This past weekend at Exxxotica NJ, I got the opportunity to meet  @natashaxgrey  at the  @_inkedangels  booth! Stunning, friendly and an all-around quality human. A real treat!
  • Father Dangle tried to save some souls at the blushpgh
    2 weeks ago by danglinafterdark Father Dangle tried to save some souls at the  @blushpgh  Halloween Party. Didn't work, but the confessions were outstanding!  #CostumedDangle 
  • Its nice of my little town to make a detour
    2 weeks ago by danglinafterdark It's nice of my little town to make a detour for people who are chasing their now self-aware bicycles.
  • Now this is what Im talkin about! Dangle loves the
    4 weeks ago by danglinafterdark Now this is what I'm talkin' about! Dangle loves the cool weather! Who wants to get under the blanket with me and "cuddle"?
  • Had the opportunity to see the beautiful and sweet elsajeanofficial
    1 month ago by danglinafterdark Had the opportunity to see the beautiful and sweet  @elsajeanofficial  at  @blushpgh  tonight! What a stunning treat for the eyes! Go see her, you will be glad you did!  #DangleApproved   #ElsaJeanRocks 
  • Went kayaking for the first time ever over the weekend!
    2 months ago by danglinafterdark Went kayaking for the first time ever over the weekend! Had a great time with good friends!

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- November 12, 2018, 12:34 am

RT @TheRubPR: Watching the @RoccoSiffrediXX documentary on @netflix & it’s amazing. Whether you work in the industry or not, it’s def worth…
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- November 11, 2018, 10:51 pm

You know what makes me want to buy a Subway sandwich? They're commercial of people flipping water bottles. It's so…
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RT @BurningAngel: It's @Fleshlight's COUNTDOWN to BLACK FRIDAY sale! Get an official @JoannaAngel #fleshlight plus a FREE mystery sleeve! h…
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In my skates again! Gotta get on the ice more. So cathartic for me. Plus, I get to scare small kids!
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- November 10, 2018, 5:36 pm

RT @EvilGeniusVic: Thoughts brought on by insomnia .... Kissing. At some point, multiple cultures independently came to the conclusion that…
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RT @LeBlanc_Chrissy: I feel good seeing a high ratio of cum rags to clothes when I'm doing the laundry 😁 #pornlife
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- November 10, 2018, 3:45 am

RT @WhatTheFFacts: In 1830, the average person over 15 years old drank 88 bottles of whiskey a year - One bottle every 4.2 days.
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- November 10, 2018, 1:53 am

Havin' a drink and listenin' to some tunes! A toast to my brother in @jamesonwhiskey love, @MrGoodluckXXX !!! 🎶🤘👊🥃
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- November 10, 2018, 12:12 am

RT @EroticMuseumLV: Our Museum app is LIVE in the Apple app store! Download is for use during your visit!!! #Museum #appstore
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